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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for September 17, 2012

Dear Angels,

What message do you have for us today?

We will say this to you today.  The season is changing and the weather in some areas is becoming cooler.  The trees will be showing their colors and the farmers will be harvesting their crops for their winter months.  The leaves are falling off the branches and the ground is covered with leaves.   The changing of the seasons is truly a gift from Mother Earth, and the Universe.   Taking notice of the timely earth’s transitions helps to see how Mother Earth is on schedule for all of you living on earth.  Just as earth has many cycles, the human body does too.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually are the main cycles that are experienced.  Many reasons and many factors for the state of what these cycles can be at any particular times.  There are times in your life when you may feel a bit colorful as you would on a beautiful summer day; or you may feel that the coolness or times not much activity. like you might find on a cold cloudy winter day.   The earth has moods and ways of celebrating how it may be feeling. Just as we have ways to celebrate our ups and take notice of our downs.  When the earth feels good, you will feel good. It’s as if you the people on this planet and the planet take signals from each other keeping each other in check . The quote, ‘Do unto others as you would like for yourself”, comes to mind.. Be kind to yourself and be kind with mother earth. For when that happens then a peaceful coexistence is very much a reality for both.