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Boston Town, My kind of Town

Boston Town, My kind of Town

By Peg Jones

Living in your heart place helps you to see and feel things in a different light. It is a way to help to feel life in a more positive way and to stay in that place more easily.  The angels always ask me to imagine the color of my heart place. Today my colors in my heart place are purple and white.  There are different shades of purples, lavenders and the white whirled in with the purple.   So I guess maybe spiritually I am in a good place at this time. 

The past few weeks have been a bit difficult for the people of Boston and the surrounding area.  It was a very scary and upsetting time for so many here. My husband works in Boston, fortunately not in the part of where the Boston Marathon was held.  He was one of the lucky ones and safe from harm.  He got home safe that night too. 

In previous years I would be at the Marathon walking down Boylston Street without a worry as I passed the finish line. It was a time for families to be together and in greeting their loved ones.  Or there would be people just standing and watching with friends and family, cheering on the participants.  The care free feeling of being in Boston on that gone has gone; there will always be a bit of fear for the others, who will be watching the race.   But we are Boston Strong and the Marathon will go on, that I have no doubt about.  I wrote a poem about the event and thought I would share it with all of you.

Boston Strong

Angels are with us, helping us to heal.

Letting us know of how they feel

 To help us to go on, no matter the deal.

They sing to us from on high,

 They help us to understand the truth and what could be a lie.

They ask us to trust their healing each day,

How we need to be helping others in so many special ways.

You could say a prayer and or sing a song of healing,

You could smile at a stranger or talk to others of how they may be feeling.

We come together to pray for peace

 And hope for the calm to always increase.

Life is full of lessons and of hope

Yet we know our angels are helping us to cope

We ask our leaders to work together always so the truth is always found.

Life has changed for the people of Boston, because of some past events on the ground.

Know that we are from Boston, full of strength and that we are very sound

Dear angels, we ask that our town stay always safe from harm,

Thank you for your love and the strength of your strong arm.



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Angel Message for May

Angel Message for May

Taking a leap of  faith in the unknown is also taking a big leap in to trusting the universe. Its pretty easy for us to think, or to not take the leap of faith, because of the fears, we have with doing so. The angels ask you to come out of your comfort zone, and take that leap.  When I was just learning about the angels, and how to trust them and all that was in the Universe,  I realized that they were there for me all that time, I wasn’t speaking to them. There were times, when I had felt very alone, because I didn’t understand that they were there for me.  I know now that they are always there for me. I know I can talk to them about anything, that is on my mind, and that I will receive an answer back from them.  I have found in trusting them, is when I receive the most powerful of messages.  When I let go of my ego thinking, and think with my heart, I get the answers that I am looking for.  When I find the heart place, I find the love I am looking for. I can feel the peace, and have the clarity I need, in living day to day.  It is where kindness and trust live too. It is where I can find my true self.
Sometime when thinking with the ego, I find that judgement and anger is pretty prevalent. But when I think in the heartplace, I find I can breathe easier and I find that I am smiling alot more.
The angels tell me that you can speak to them too.  They remind me that they believe in free will and would never speak to you unless you ask them for assistance.  They respect your decisions and want you to know they are there for you at anytime.  They know that some are doubtful and that some are afraid to to speak to them.  They remind you that their messages of only of love and peace.
 Peg Jones, ALC