being grateful, going with the flow, grateful List

The Angels have been talking to me about patience and going with the flow, this month. I have also been thinking about being greatful for all that i am and all that i have. Sometimes its easier to think all about the negative happening and getting really obsessed about all of the bad. Woe is me….. The angels have suggested to me to do a few things to help me with this kind of thinking. I am really grateful for the angels to help me with thisl One of the things they told me about was writing a grateful list each day. They said to write at least one . So i started each day with doing this. I started with one thing to be grateful for and then the next week i wrote 5 things to be grateful for. The next week I upped the anty and decided to list 10 things to be grateful for. I found the process to be very humbling and helped me to appreciate what i truly have in my life. I also felt the angels were speaking to me as i making this list. They wanted me to know that i have all i need in my life and to appreciate this fact. The angels have the following message for all of us.

Dear children. Writing what you are grat eful for will help you to be in a place of thinking more postive rather that thinking negative thoughts. We say this because when you weigh the possitive you find it easier to deal with the issues that can be troubling. Its as if there is still energy with in you to focus on them. Let this realization be thing that keeps you in a place of joy and realisitc thinking.