Light Language Messages

Peg has begun to share messages through Light Language. Light language are messages from the Universe in a language that we have no true understanding when we hear a message in this form of expression. However, what is important to know,  is the vibration of  what we are hearing, during the transmission of the message,  The messages can be from the angels or from another Universe and dimension.

They are message of love. joy and peace. As you are listening to the message, pay attention to how you are feeling and a internal knowing of the message means to you, through feeling, and a knowing, may be some assurance  for you, that all is well.  A suggestion would be to meditate or journal your insights when listening to the Light Language.

Light Language can be sung or spoken, It can be written or could be expressed through movement or hand movements.  I am planning in time to share some samples for you to listen to you.

Peg has offerings  for you to receive a Light Language Message, when you purchase a reading,0

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Testimonial of an experience from a Light Language session

Peg is amazing vessel of angelic light, , compassion and melodic messages. Each session I have had I have felt a sweet presence
 washing over my body and I was left feeling peaceful and pain free.”
                                                                                                      C M-L 2/2021

Light Language Transmission for Opening Your Heart/