Intuitive Readings


Intuitive Readings with Peg and Angel Oracle cards

I say a prayer before I begin my reading, with you and ask your Angels to share with my angels the information they want to share with you, at this time.

I am an Certified Angel Card reader, through Angels Teach University. I am also certified as an Angelic Life Coach through Angels Teach University, in 2010

The Angels love to share their guidance with you, and through the cards, and my intuitive understanding, I will share their message to you.  The Angels remind us they will help and guide us the minute we ask for assistance.

Another testimony, from a client

“I had the blessing and great honor to have Peg Jones in my Unlocking the Heart of Money Mastermind Program and doubly blessed to have received Angel Readings from her. The ever-present theme in the readings was a message to cultivate my creativity which I fully received. At first I thought they meant to keep on with singing and playing the guitar which I recently brought back into my life.”

Peg’s Services and classes

  • Celtic cross Spread  $50.00
  • Soul Purpose    $50.00

Both very similar card spreads. The Celtic Cross Spread has 10 cards and the Soul Potential card reading has 7 cards. Where are you now? Where do you want to be or what is your dream? With this reading you can find these answers, with the help of your angels… A combination of angel cards and intuition will be used for this reading. This reading is about a 45 minute reading.

“Hello Peg                                                                                                                          d

I wanted to thank you for the reading last week.   I feel it has been one of the best. Your reading hit me exactly where it was needed.  I needed answers and clarity.  And it was what I received. With some feelings I’ve had for years…it was like a fog bank….I knew I need to deal with and acknowledge it… You were truly right spot on……Thank you Peg.  I’m excited for my new adventures and every day is endless possibilities.  YIPPEE K”



JUST IN TIME FOR THE New Year!  2020 Which will be a year of further expansion, growth and insight for our earthly journey.   Possibilities and what the angels speak to you about the coming year.

12 Month Spread   $77.00   payment link

This is a 12 month card reading, in which each of the 12 cards represent a month for the coming year. The card may help you with a situation or plan you may want some insights on .The reading shows the possibilities of the next year and what I am receiving intuitively. There is no definite outcome shared as the angels believe in freewill of each one of us. There is a card for each month that gives you insight to each. month

Akashic Records Reading  $88.00

 The Akashic Records are your past present and future information about your soul.  You can learn about the patterns of family and how they have affected you in this life time, and how you can let them go, so that you can move on, from what has been holding you back in some way.  The Akashic records are the vibrational record of your life, which are guarded by the Masters and Teachers and Loved Ones/ It is also very similar to the Tree of Life.

Archangel Metatron is very involved with these records too and called the Keeper of the Records. I use the Pathway Prayer as taught By Linda Howe to access your RECORDS, with the questions you will have prepared before the readings.

Email readings

I also offer email card readings.. Soul Purpose or Past. Present, Future.

2 questions will be $40.00

3 questions the fee is $ 55.00

I will send you a link to pay depending on how many questions you have.. Contact me at

Contact Peg to book a reading through Facebook or

Payment through Paypal  OR if you are from the USA, I would accept a money order.

Have a great day.

A testimonial for my work

‘Peg Jones has an incredible gift. Peg Jones has cultivated a clear and concise connection with the Angelic realm. Peg’s insightful reading has created a huge bridge closing the gap of my own self diminishment. Through her communication with the angels. I have been given deep meaningful insights into my darkest of blindspots. The love and support of the divine angelic realm has been felt and continues to be acknowledged. I highly reccomend Peg Jones to anyone seeking to feel the connection of the support around them. Seeking their next creative endeavor and to experience the gift of who they truly be. Thank you, ‘JP

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