Welcome to  Angelical Whispers with Peg Jones, ALC

Peg Jones, ALC


A 7-week class for Energy Healers, Spiritual Life Coaches,

Healing Archangels for our time, 2021

 Date has been changed to December 2nd – January 27th

7:00PM–8:30 PM est

This class will be especially helpful for Healers, who are working in different healing modalities, and want to bring the angels into their work, for their clients, and for themselves personally, too.

This is a time where many are experiencing grief, illness of family and friends, job loss, in a way that hasn’t really been experienced.

Many are awakening, to their spirituality, finding faith again, and spending more time alone, because of the time we are living in.

The archangels are closer to us more than ever before. The angels want to be there for us and those in our lives, having some understanding and ability to share, who some of our healing Archangels are, can be helpful for those who want to know, how the angels can help us to heal, Body, Mind and Spirit

  • The Archangels we will work with are:
    • Archangel Raphael- main healer Archangel
    • Archangel Gabriel-Communication and expression
    • Archangel Michael- Angel of protection and Speaking ones truth
    • Archangel Azrael Angel of transition
    • Archangel Chamuel- relationship guidance and helps to see the other persons perspective.
    • Archangel Sandolphon, Angel of self-care, management, through music and meditation.
    • and Archangel Metatron Helps us to understand higher spiritual learning, such as Sacred geometry and other spiritual symbols

This class is an experiential class for, everyone to connect with the Archangel of the week Through discussion and meditation, Journal writing, and noticing the synchronicities, and validation, of sensing the Archangel’s presence and energy, around you, each week.

You will learn of the chakra, connected to each angel. The crystals connected with the Archangel, and constructing 1-3 affirmations, for connection to the Archangel, too.

My book, Living in the Heart Place with your Angels, Daily Angelical Whispers, Throughout the Year, can be used for resource, and enhanced connection too. Author of Living in the Heart Place with your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers throughout the Year Kindle or soft cover available. When you enroll into the class, i will make a book order, and have it sent to you after you pay for the class, or partial payment. The cost of the book will be part of the class fee.

There will be discussion of experiences, and some meditations with the Archangels, and some mindfulness activities too, to experience and to pass on to clients, colleagues, too. Discussion and resources, will be shared, too. 

Cost of course, is $250.00

ENROLL EARLY WITH $15.00 OFF, By November 17th

  Send Payment to  A payment plan can be worked, out, after a $60.00 deposit, to hold your place in the class

If you have any questions or want to join the class. you can email me at