Classes with Peg..

Peg’s Classes

I have offered many classes over the years.  I have offered them on line, for free on skype, privately, for a fee and for free.

I have been offering them in my own chat rooms and also in others chatrooms, and now will be offering s new class on, November 22. 2021

Beginner Angel Connection  $20.00 per week.

This is an introduction to how we can use our spiritual gifts through connection with our angels.  Learning about the clairs, meditation and working with at least two angels, with a work sheet included too.

In this class you will receive understanding in the clairs, meditation, and journal writing, noticing synchronicities, in your every day life. FEE – 18.00 Per week.  You can send each week or pay for full 4 weeks with $5.00 off .

Individual or small group..

Prior to this class, the only archangel I was familiar was Archangel Michael. I learned so much from Peg. I am truly grateful I can call on other Archangels for their assistance and guidance. I highly recommend this class.   Y.A.

10 week Living and Learning with Your Angels

$400.00  full payment    $40.00 per week

This class is an Intermediate class for having a deeper understanding of your connection with your angels, individually.. Understanding how each angel can guide and share their wisdom with you .. And understanding how this can be done. We work on a lot of different levels.  My book Living in the Heart Place with Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers throughout the Year will be used for the class too.

Hello everyone my name is Sylvia, and I took the Angel course which Peg offers.  I found this course to be a very interesting one, where you learn a lot about the Archangels as you get to work with each angel for a week duration. It was a real pleasure and it was fun, and the angels really do have a sense of humor and are so willing to work with each and everyone one of us.  Peg also confirms some of the experiences and gives insight so and information from the angels. So to sum it all up, I enjoyed this course.  Sylvia  

We work with a different angel each week, meditation,   write affirmations. Learn about the chakra and gemstone each ange. Also learning about journal writings and daily journal of what you had noticed throughout your day, in working your angel of the week.. We will also talk about meditation too.   The class is 40.00 Per week.  You can pay full price or pay the week. There will be sharing and  regularly weekly homework

This is a very personal journey, and so if there is a few friends you would like to do the class with you, and that have this interest, this is the perfect class to experience this… Individual is also a good way to take the class too.

A small group is no more than 4 to a group.  Each week will meet for 90 mins for a regular time each week.

I also work individually too.

  • Pay in full
  • or  pay by the week with a 40,00 deposit which will make only 9 weekly payments.

Contact me if you are interested in wanting to know more about the classes.

Please send Payment , weekly or full paymen


Angels in the sky

Inspirational writing with your Angels and guides.

Using different techniques to connect with your contact with your angels through writing, using different media or ways of journal writing.

We will learn what its like to write from our heart.

$25.00 per class




I also offer

Creative writing(coming soon)

How to make oracle cards. (Coming soon.)

Vision boards for your life journey

Angel circles

I offer at other websites and my own video classes on Hangout and Facebook, and soon Instagram

Angels and the Chakras

How to read Angel Oracle Cards   8 week class. Coming soon.


I offer at venues, and online.. Parties too.     Please feel free to contact me