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Angelical Whispers, angel message for October 6, 2012

Dear Angels,

What message do you have for us today?

Dear Children of the Earth plane,

We ask you to remain at peace with the state of what life is truly like here on earth.  We ask you to trust what is taking place, and to know it’s all good.  We feel that many have questions about what is happening here on the earth plane. You have questions of what is truly happening and what is the timeline for the next three months, as far as the Earth’s shifts and the changes that are going to be  a part of this process..  What will we feel when this is taking place around the 21st of December of this year?  What do they mean by three days of darkness?  What will the energies be like at this time, are all questions we have at this time.  The answers to these questions are not written in stone, because no one knows for sure what is truly going to be occurring at that time.  We ask you to be patient and we ask you to know it may be good to have some supplies put away in case they will be needed.   The angel’s want you to know that they are with you and that they will help you if you have anything you would like guidance on. Archangel Michael is the angel for protection and safety.  Archangel Raphael is the angel for healing of your own personal issues and for those of the people you would like to send healing to.  Speak to them and they will be there for you.  As the sticky note says on my desk. Call us for free at anytime.  Angel Blessings to all.

Angel Messages, balanced life, Healing with the Angels, Heart Place, Peace, Positive Thinking, trust

Angelical Whispers, angel message for September 28. 2012

Dear Angels,

What message do you have for us today?  Dear children of the earth plane,  We ask that you continue to be patient with what is going on in the world. Some of you have felt quite confused and not sure what to do next, as far as your journey at this time. Know that this is quite normal. The energies at this time are quite powerful and each of you react to them differently.  Some are very tired and some are emotionally upset or confused.  The list is long and its good that you are aware of these energies.  There are many resources that can be found to help you with dealing what is happening.  Take what interests you and leave that doesn’t interest you .  Talking to others about how things are going can help too.  There are groups that can help online or offline.   Try to let go of the negative thoughts that pop in and try to keep things on an even keel.  We your angels are always willing to help you to work our the confusion if any exists.  Know that it will get better.  Don’t keep the confusion to yourself. Communicate with others who will understand too.  We ask you to find the heart place where love and peace exist and where clarity can help with this.  Angel Blessings to all who read this.   Archangel Michael

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for September 17, 2012

Dear Angels,

What message do you have for us today?

We will say this to you today.  The season is changing and the weather in some areas is becoming cooler.  The trees will be showing their colors and the farmers will be harvesting their crops for their winter months.  The leaves are falling off the branches and the ground is covered with leaves.   The changing of the seasons is truly a gift from Mother Earth, and the Universe.   Taking notice of the timely earth’s transitions helps to see how Mother Earth is on schedule for all of you living on earth.  Just as earth has many cycles, the human body does too.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually are the main cycles that are experienced.  Many reasons and many factors for the state of what these cycles can be at any particular times.  There are times in your life when you may feel a bit colorful as you would on a beautiful summer day; or you may feel that the coolness or times not much activity. like you might find on a cold cloudy winter day.   The earth has moods and ways of celebrating how it may be feeling. Just as we have ways to celebrate our ups and take notice of our downs.  When the earth feels good, you will feel good. It’s as if you the people on this planet and the planet take signals from each other keeping each other in check . The quote, ‘Do unto others as you would like for yourself”, comes to mind.. Be kind to yourself and be kind with mother earth. For when that happens then a peaceful coexistence is very much a reality for both.

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Angelical Whispers, angel message for September 12, 2012

Dear Children of the Earth Plane

Shine out your light to all you that you know.  Let you brightness bring you new opportunities, and new occasions to help others,  to see their light too.  Going to the place, that is your heart place, is where you will find joy, peace and clarity of who you truly are, at this time.  Going with in and speaking to your higher self, finding the bright spots and the place where goodness exists.  Let the truth you hear from your higher self,  guide you to new beginnings and new projects.  Find the joy that is you and find the peace that you feel in your heart. Embrace the postivie energy with in your heart. Let your joy go out into all that you know. Coming from a place of clarity and of peace you will know that you are there.  Find your bliss that is in the heart place and know that this bliss is always there for you .

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Angelical Whispers, angel message for September 9, 2012

Dear Children of the earth plane,

This is a time to be excited of all that is happening in the world. The veil is getting smaller and the worlds are becoming closer. We feel that communication is easier at this time with the nether worlds and cooperation is easier too. We want to remind you that we are always here for you .  We share with you the peace we pray for your world to feel at this time.  Letting go of differences and seeing the common bonds each of you have is more important at this time.  We ask that you focus on the commonality.  Doing this will help you to get to the heart place alot easier, than focusing only on the differences.  We have always said that all are one and we mean this.  We need you to understand this so that peace will come to earth.  We watch over all of you and we send you signs that we are doing this.  We want you feel our love daily and we want you to know that it will never wane.  What can you do to help with this process?  The main thing you can do is to welcome all into your life.  When you find the commonalities you have with others, rather than the difference the world is at peace and  joy is truly felt for all to embrace.  Letting go of the negative embracing the positive is the path that works in our world.  There will be no need for wars or weapons.  There will be no need of children going with out food or suffering internally.  We are all children of God and we are all loved by God.  Embrace this and you will feel the pulse of the world in a time of complete peace.

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Angel Message for September 2, 2012

Angelical whispers, angel message of September 2,2012.
What color is today for you. Is it a blue day or is it a green day where you work from your heart. Working from your heart means that the angels are with you. They are sharing your joy as they always do. Working for your heart, the joy is automatic. The clarity of knowing that the angels are with you and the cloud of pain and despair is no longer there. For when we are in our heart place the joy and peace and of course love is there for us. We feel protected and we feel the love of the universe and of others. We know that this is true because of our joy and clarity of where we are and where we are going. We ask for the inspiration of knowing what is happening on our path. We learn to take each step at a time and to know that it’s the journey that is important not the destiny. Thank you dear Angels for being with us always.

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Humor with the angels

In the year and half that I have been working with the angels on almost a daily basis,  it has come to me that the angels aren’t always serious in their communication.   They truly like to laugh and they like us to laugh along with them.  Sometimes they make fun of themselves in a way that makes us understand their message a bit more easier.  The other day I had heard a message about symbols and there were three symbols mentions: butterflies, and  rainbows, and moonbeams. This is the message, I had received:

The angels want to know we also have a sense of humor and a lot of our messages are given with a sense of humor.  For laughter and joy are so good for you. When using you sense of humor you feel much lighter and you feel that you may even begin to smile or laugh out loud.. We are all for laughing out loud too. It clears our mood and we feel understood, even if it is a bit silly at times.  We ask you to not be afraid to let the humor come through..  We love to laugh too and laugh with you too. May your angels on the moonbeams be with you in the form of butterflies as they fly through the rainbow today.      Angel blessing to all.

It’s not slapstick comedy but it does make you smile. I feel they do use their sense of humor to help us keep things  a bit  lighter.  And not to be so serious all of the time.  There is a lot going on in our world,  and a lot of it is very serious for us to be concerned about. I feel they like to help us not to  feel all the heaviness that has been around all of us, lately.

I had asked the angels the many ways we can keep things a bit lighter for us.  They had some really good ideas too, for all of us to consider.

  • Read a book that is funny or try writing a funny story
  • Be with children and just play with them, be silly like they are being silly
  • Write about the something that was really funny to you at the time
  • read a book of jokes
  • watch comedians perform that you enjoy listening to .
  • Watch movies that are funny to you
  • Being with old friends and having good conversation the kind that has you laughing for hours
  • Cleaning your house to music like the oldies songs.. The house will get cleaner a lot faster.

The angels state that to be in a continually depressed or blah mood  is not good for anyone.   Looking to partake events that  lift your mood is a way to keep life in balance.  The angels want to say that they love helping and seeing us smiling  and laughing.. Let your inner child come through. So many of us forget what the inner child is truly like..  The inner child may be sad or angry or hurt in some way but he secretly wants to be happy, and forgiving.  Let your inner child come out gracefully and let him feel what its like to laugh,  and to be child like again.

The angels are not talking about being irresponsible or mean, they are talking about letting the sadness or the hurt or what is making your heart heavy to lift it with doing an activity where you find yourself smiling again.

I know for me when i am feeling heavy about something,  the last thing i want to do is to be in an activities that are full of humor or being silly. So I find myself to have time for me, like reading a favourite book or listening to soothing music. or meditation for a short time.  This time regroup helps me to become more of who I am and much more willing to let my inner child out a bit more.. Taking care of  yourself is most important.  Letting yourself laugh, a really big belly laugh makes the angels really happy because they know how happy you are.

They say to be deprived of laughter or humor can be very disheartening. They say laughter in many ways is food for the heart and humor can help you to move forward in a way that is positive for you .

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Angel Message for May

Angel Message for May

Taking a leap of  faith in the unknown is also taking a big leap in to trusting the universe. Its pretty easy for us to think, or to not take the leap of faith, because of the fears, we have with doing so. The angels ask you to come out of your comfort zone, and take that leap.  When I was just learning about the angels, and how to trust them and all that was in the Universe,  I realized that they were there for me all that time, I wasn’t speaking to them. There were times, when I had felt very alone, because I didn’t understand that they were there for me.  I know now that they are always there for me. I know I can talk to them about anything, that is on my mind, and that I will receive an answer back from them.  I have found in trusting them, is when I receive the most powerful of messages.  When I let go of my ego thinking, and think with my heart, I get the answers that I am looking for.  When I find the heart place, I find the love I am looking for. I can feel the peace, and have the clarity I need, in living day to day.  It is where kindness and trust live too. It is where I can find my true self.
Sometime when thinking with the ego, I find that judgement and anger is pretty prevalent. But when I think in the heartplace, I find I can breathe easier and I find that I am smiling alot more.
The angels tell me that you can speak to them too.  They remind me that they believe in free will and would never speak to you unless you ask them for assistance.  They respect your decisions and want you to know they are there for you at anytime.  They know that some are doubtful and that some are afraid to to speak to them.  They remind you that their messages of only of love and peace.
 Peg Jones, ALC