Angel Meditation Cards

Peg has developed a set of Angel Meditation Cards, for children ages 7-16 to adults. The cards are for helping to know and feel their worth, and to be anchored in their power of expression, that comes from within. The cards can help with, speaking your truth, through creative expression, such as journal writing, poetry, creative writing, singing and dance. It could be in playing a music instrument, or through singing, or creating your own songs. Its about acceptance, and living in your Heart Space

Each card has a hand drawn card by Peg, of an angel. There is a message on the back of the card, from your angel. There are 24 Cards, and each card has a spiritual concept, that is the theme, for the card. Some of the concepts are as follows, Love, Peace, Joy, Inspiration, Believe, Music, Write, Nature, Kindness, Believe, Gratitude, fun, faith, create, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangels, Michael, and Raphael, Study, Knowledge, Listen, Guardian Angel etc.The size of each card is 3.5 X 3.5 and each card is laminated to keep the cards protected, from water and other elements.

Each set of cards, are stored in an red organza bag for safe keeping and protection and will come with a guide. too.

Organza bag for storage

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