About Peg

Hello, I am Peg Jones, and I have always had a fascination with Angels, ever since I was 6 years old.  I loved the idea of knowing, I had a Guardian Angel, around me, al all times, for protection, and safety.     By the time I became 8 years old,  I forgot about my angels, between school , and taking care,  or helping out with siblings, I didn’t think about the angels,  until the holidays came around each December.  Then I would see that the Archangel Gabriel was placed carefully, on top of the Nativity Scene, in her sky blue gown, watching over the young family, in the manger.

I lived a pretty mainstream life and didn’t really have any exposure to angels, spirits, or any other type of spiritual being.  I found out about a chat room and my life was not the same from that day on. I was introduced to angels, and spirit readings, spiritual energy, healing energy ,  and found it all to be fascinating. I spent many years studying and eventually started my own website and found myself getting certified as an Angelic Life Coach., becoming a published author, radio host, certified for Reiki1 and 2.  I also studied with Linda Howe to become an Akashic Recprds Practitioner. I also teach Angel Communication classes too on an online website and soon in the fall of 2014 on my website.

I am the author of a book that was published in the Summer of 2013, titled Living in the Heart Place with the Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers throughout the Years

This is a book inspired by the angels over a period of 2 years.  There is a daily message from our angels with a journal exercise for each daily message.  The messages help the reader to see how the angels can guide them and also help them on a daily basis.

Peg is presently working on two books, and continues to mentor others with their communication with their angels.

Peg has been a  preschool and special needs teacher for many years.

I am in the process of designing a new website. The one I have had is presently deleted.. Stay tune for news about the Grand Reopening soon..


To contact me through email:     peg_jones@hotmail.com


















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