The Angels and Archangels are here for us.

In the last 12 months, I have been feeling the angels so much closer in my aura, space, and heart. There have been instances, of receiving downloads of information, for what I am being asked to offer, as my next project.  I know after speaking to friends, fellow healers, that everyone is dealing with so much sudden illness, loss of jobs, family, friends. As lightworkers, we have the tools to help others, while also helping ourselves. We are not exempt from some sort of loss or pain, or illness.  Compassion is necessary, but also trying to keep neutral, of all the different narratives and staying in a place of non-judgement is crucial. Staying in our heart space, can be a big challenge too.  We are human, and sometimes, what we are hearing, or seeing, and possibly experiencing is heart wrenching.  There are days when we can be strong and days when we are not strong, and that is ok. We are not superman, we are humans, remembering who we were in other dimensions, universes. We all have gifts, but not all realize this.                           

But as healers, lightworkers, we may have felt the same, too. I know for a long time, I felt this way. I had no interest finding out my gifts, either. As far as I knew, I was a teacher of children, a wife, daughter, aunt, sister. I didn’t have time to consider, expansion, I could hardly make it through the week with my busy life, without thinking there could be something more for myself. But something was niggling me. I came to realize that there was more and by chance, and time passing, I was finding out the possibilities, of who I might be. And that was scary too. Still is very scary, for me at times.

And so, this is how I had the inspiration, to offer this class, and discussion, of ways to complement our healing practices, or to include, with intention, in sharing 7 healing Angels, with healers and those who have had the experience with their angels, too.

In this class, I help you to know your angels, of healing, working with one angel a week. Getting to know their energy, and how they can be of service for you and sharing with your clients, family and friends, too. Through our weekly discussions, and personal connection throughout the week, you will have come to know 7 Archangels, who can be helpful for the client and you.

The Archangel, and angels believe in our free will, and our decision as to whether we ask for guidance or not from them. This is important to also mention to your clients, friends and loved ones. The class starts in December or after the Holidays. I am open to either time. I decided to offer at this time, because your clients, loved ones, may need to receive guidance during the holiday time. https://pegsangelicalwhispers.com/events/ is the class discription, and contact information. Please contact me for any questions you may have regarding this class. Also to note we will not have class Christmas week, or week of New Years.