Finding our Heart Space

 Moving on….

The angels have been teaching me patience this past week. I am not someone that likes to wait, especially when promised an opportunity. Of course my mind is chattering a mile a minute, as if my mind is having a meeting without considering the fact that I am present too. It is rattling on and on. There are quite a few committee members present at this meeting. Not much organization, or protocol. Present at this meeting is,  Ms. Doom Girl, Sir Mis-understanding, Mr. Loudmouth, Miss Not Very Happy About this.

I am observing this meeting inside my head, listening to crassness, the anger, projections, listening to all angles of the story. I just blurt out to all them, in a very calm way.

 “STOPPPPP NOW!” “This banter is to stop now. “ If you have nothing good to say, then just stop speaking”…

As I am counting to ten and taking 3 breaths to calm down, I am feeling my exasperation of all that has taken place with this committee. And now all is quiet and silent. Not a peep from the committee can be heard. Ahhh    Silence.

  I can finally think, without the committee in my head, speaking their misguided truths to each other. It can get quite exhausting listening to this committee.

I say to them in a very calm voice, and I smile…

 “In the past, you may have continued endlessly on in my head… You are fired as the committee in my head. I am replacing you with my new colleagues, Ms. Love, Ms. Joy, Ms. Peace, Ms. I Can, and Ms. I Am. We will be moving on to my new room called the Heart Place. And we will reside there for all time….

And I continued on speaking to The Committee in my Head.

“While being or thinking in my head, I never was able to find the peace and joy I find when I am in my heart place. And so this is where I and my new peace committee will reside.”

Now of course, the committee in my head was not pleased at all with this decision I had made. It was a decision, that I didn’t ask for input from the committee.

 I said,

  ‘Yes, it’s time to move on. You served a purpose, though, and I thank you. The biggest purpose you served was for me to see how ineffective. it was to have this committee in my head… I am glad I have found a place, I truly want to be. And that is to be in the heart place, with my friends, Ms. Joy, Ms. Peace, Ms. Love, and Ms. I Can, and Ms. I Am.

The Committee in My Head was left speechless. My new committee, headed for our new place, the Heart Place, and we had a party of joy and peace of epic proportions… Living in this Heart Place was such a pleasure. Ms. Joy and Ms. Peace, brought their new friend Mrs. Calm. It was decided that she would be also be a part of our new committee in the Heart Place.

People would say to me,   “Peg, you are so peaceful and so calm.”

I would say, “Oh yes they are my new friends and enjoy their company very much”

 I would get looks,

“How can you be calm at this time?”               

 I would just say, “I choose to be this way”…

And their comment would be, 

” Oh that is wonderful.”

“We are so happy for you”

The committee in my Heart Place was such a relief for me. I found my life to be much easier to cope with. I found I had the tools I needed and a great committee in my Heart Place to help me along my way. I found that when I thought of the committee that resided in my head, I found myself to be very much off kilter. Then I would go speak to my friend Ms. Calm or Ms. I Can, and all would be fine once again. 

The committee in my head, is something that many 12 step programs have spoken about for years. I was in a 12 step program for food issues, and I would hear about the committee in my head said this or said that. I understood this concept but not until I actually wrote about it.  

The head is also very much about our humanness, and it feels it has to protect us at all times. But does it truly protect us or just cause more confusion? The Heart Place is about going to our spiritual essence. Our Higher Self, which may not be understood until we understand our self-talk and how we communicate to others, on the earth plane and then to our guides and angels on the spiritual plane.

And so I want to invite you to move the committee in your head to your heart place, and get rid of Ms. Doomsday, Sir Mis-Understanding, and the rest of the crew. Replace them with the new committee in the Heart Place… Ms. Joy, Ms. Love, and Ms. I Can, Ms. I Am and Mrs. Calm. Or maybe you would like some other members for the committee in the Heart Place? The amount of members in the Heart Place, can be endless. The choice is totally up to you.

“There are many paths to Enlightenment. Be sure to take one that has heart.” Lao Tzu