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The Heart Knows..

Happy New Year, Everyone.


Today I received a download about light Language.  If  you are interested in receiving a transmission, let me know and we can talk

Journey of the heart through Light Language

Light language is the language of the heart

Speaking to you energetically straight to your soul

Your heart understands the peace and joy

Knowing and remembering of a time not remembered

And yet

You are now

Letting your heart remember the familiar.

It is the voice of the ancient times the Galactic Interaction

From other universes

Your spirit guides And The messages they have for you On this day

Memories of a language of long ago

Light language unlocks the heart in a way You never knew possible

Light language is expressed, through many different mediums.

  • Speaking
  • Through song through Toning
  • Written symbols That Share codes of light with us
  • Drawing And digital art
  • Dance And so much more
  • What are the ways that you share your light language?

Light language speaks to your core

So deep That you truly want you No more

Light language from the heart is Something you will not forget

For me light language helps me to know My Self

of what is to be

I remember how my vibration store In my heart’s vibration Totally rose to higher realms

I can Not truly express to you in words of how light language,

Has help me in my life In words that may make sense for you

We are at a place

Of being called to go within

to hear Messages of the heart

Where Angels, Loved Ones, Universal Guides and the

Higher realms

Speaking to you In ways

That totally touch your heart

And bring you to a peace

That you never knew before.

For it is your heart that truly knows of

The peace and the love

And the joy of knowing

the truth of who you truly are.