Love is the Answer!


 Love is the Answer

I am grateful

Maybe this is the time to truly wake up and to help each other in a positive way

Our Wakeup call has been sent to us

Now is the time to stay aware, to speak up

In a peaceful way

To respect, all people

To begin to heal away the fear, and of the anger, and the dissatisfaction of all that is not of Love

Keeping Love in the forefront of our being, at all times

And rejection of what no longer serves us as a nation, and as individuals

That prescription is kindness, respect, and most of all Love

America’s Wake UP Call has arrived, on this day

We have a choice, of what we can do.

We can share our love, kindness our integrity,

So the fear and anger can dissipate

Letting the Love, to come to forefront at, all times

And to experience, the peace and joy that we so deserve

Will be there for us too

Upon hearing the results, there was surprise and feeling frustrated too.

I felt I needed to get quiet, and asked God, “How can, we help everyone to come together, so that there is no longer hate, fear, and anger?

And what I heard is “We have a choice, and we can start today,

To help others through our actions and our words and acceptance

The election brought out some harsh truths,

And now it is in the past

Let’s start this minute, to go forward

I have felt the love of our angels

They are really here for us,

They want us to know, that whether you are feeling a bit upset, scared

They are here for you,

The angels encourage us to go within,

To take some time, to some clarity, of what this means for you

Taking responsibility for our part is what we need to focus on and to go with in, for prayer and meditation

This is a big call for us all to heal on all understandings of what actually took place, during the past two years

To come together, and let the newly elected know,                                                                           what we as a nation will tolerate

Love and unity can do this, for us as a Nation.

We are doing this in many respects,

And we must continue this.

America has been waking up from the illusions,

Let’s continue, and work again towards respecting, and fighting for the equality of all,

Who live here?


Who works here?

To help us to keep our precious resources,

Wholesome, clean, and safe for all

Trust and believing,

That we see the clarity of what is taking place,

Will be more and more apparent, of what is taking place.

We are being called

Love, Peace, Kindness and Respect

At all times.


Shine your lights bright, because all are a bright shining light, more than ever before.  Copyright©2016PegJones