Michaelmas, Feast of the Archangels

Today is Michaelmas. The feast of the Archangels, named for Archangel Michael, but also there other Archangels that are a part of this feast too. Mainly, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel, and Archangel Uriel.   This was a feast day has been celebrated in England and other European countries too.  It is celebrated on this day, September 29, each year.  The celebration is celebrated of the harvest, at this time of the year and also the Equinox, too. 

Each year, the Archangels share a message with me to share with you .   First they want to acknowledge to me, that I almost forgot about the feast.  My husband actually showed me a post about today’s feast of Michaelmas, so I was reminded again.  Thank you Jonathan and Angels….

I have a feeling this message will be from each of the angels, I spoke of earlier.  It’s interesting because, I feel like they are lining up getting ready for their part of today’s message..

Greeting Dear Children, 

We welcome you on this day of our feast day. Michaelmas..  You may be wondering why the feast of the angel’s day is named after just one of us.… We say this in jest, but as you know Archangel Michael is the leader of sorts and his name means “Like God”, and he is our Leader.  Also he is the one who represents all aspects of the guidance we all offer to you.  Today we are unison in this message, and our main message is to celebrate all that you are. Acknowledge the light shining from your heart and surrounding your entire being.  But also know that your light, is going forth out into the world, where there may not be the light that you so freely share, and comes from you.  We encourage you to share your messages of light, in all your diverse ways.  In the areas of the human that covers, the whole of who you are. The triad of the importance of the balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Humans are constantly in a process of constant growth, and understanding of these 3 areas. We commend you on this constant transformation. We remind you to think of where you have come from and where you are going. The journey of understanding this process, is and knowing this process, is a constant process.  The focus and outcome is learning the true meaning of love, in all aspects of your life.  And most important is how you are responding to the ups and downs of your human experience.  We are here for you, but we ask you to be there for you, too.   To keep your light bright and shining, in to know it is there when you may see it.

Today we share the message, our love for you and for you to know that love is all you need, and it is the fuel that keeps your heart to feel the joy, peace and grace, at all times. We love you and keep the heart fires burning dear children.


Just think of the warmth there in your heart, and soul.  Its eternal, just like you and the love you share at all times.

The quote,

“Keep the home fires burning, takes on a whole new understanding. Don’t you think? 

The heart of the matter, Maybe?