Michaelmas, Feast of the Archangels

Today is Michaelmas. The feast of the Archangels, named for Archangel Michael, but also there other Archangels that are a part of this feast too. Mainly, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel, and Archangel Uriel.   This was a feast day has been celebrated in England and other European countries too.  It is celebrated on this day, September 29, each year.  The celebration is celebrated of the harvest, at this time of the year and also the Equinox, too. 

Each year, the Archangels share a message with me to share with you .   First they want to acknowledge to me, that I almost forgot about the feast.  My husband actually showed me a post about today’s feast of Michaelmas, so I was reminded again.  Thank you Jonathan and Angels….

I have a feeling this message will be from each of the angels, I spoke of earlier.  It’s interesting because, I feel like they are lining up getting ready for their part of today’s message..

Greeting Dear Children, 

We welcome you on this day of our feast day. Michaelmas..  You may be wondering why the feast of the angel’s day is named after just one of us.… We say this in jest, but as you know Archangel Michael is the leader of sorts and his name means “Like God”, and he is our Leader.  Also he is the one who represents all aspects of the guidance we all offer to you.  Today we are unison in this message, and our main message is to celebrate all that you are. Acknowledge the light shining from your heart and surrounding your entire being.  But also know that your light, is going forth out into the world, where there may not be the light that you so freely share, and comes from you.  We encourage you to share your messages of light, in all your diverse ways.  In the areas of the human that covers, the whole of who you are. The triad of the importance of the balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Humans are constantly in a process of constant growth, and understanding of these 3 areas. We commend you on this constant transformation. We remind you to think of where you have come from and where you are going. The journey of understanding this process, is and knowing this process, is a constant process.  The focus and outcome is learning the true meaning of love, in all aspects of your life.  And most important is how you are responding to the ups and downs of your human experience.  We are here for you, but we ask you to be there for you, too.   To keep your light bright and shining, in to know it is there when you may see it.

Today we share the message, our love for you and for you to know that love is all you need, and it is the fuel that keeps your heart to feel the joy, peace and grace, at all times. We love you and keep the heart fires burning dear children.


Just think of the warmth there in your heart, and soul.  Its eternal, just like you and the love you share at all times.

The quote,

“Keep the home fires burning, takes on a whole new understanding. Don’t you think? 

The heart of the matter, Maybe?



Images on My Mind




Images on my mind

By Peg Jones, ALC

I have always wanted to be able to draw and paint. The colors and the scenes I have in mind are so vivid.    I draw stick figures. I like to work in different mediums, like tissue paper or collage. When I have an idea in my mind of what I would like to paint or draw, I am able to verbally express what I see and I feel, which  is a gift in itself.

I remember the years as a preschool teacher, of how I would compensate, for the lack of drawing skills. I had to trace everything or find models of what I needed at the time. Or ask someone to draw what I saw in my mind’s eye, but could not create, myself.

This poem I am about to share, with you, If I Could Paint the Images on my mind,   was inspired, when I was teaching Preschool.  It was a very fun time, working with the class I had at the time.   They were such a cohesive and group and full of spontaneity, through their work and play. They loved being together as a group.  They seemed to enjoy being together, and helping each other out, or giving each other support when they were together in the classroom.

Our foundation of interactions with others starts as young children and the imprints of what our childhood was like do carry over to our adulthood in some way. We all have a story to tell and experiences that were lived. They help shape, to who we are today as adults. Our stories are all so diverse, in so many ways. We all have a foundation and personal understanding of our world. We are all God’s Children and we are truly loved. We are all one and we all want to be happy, creative, loved, and to share who we are. We all want to be loved and to be accepted… I feel it starts with ourselves, and that is self-love and feeling free to be our selves.  Like little children.



Images on my mind

If I could paint the images that wander in my mind,
The picture would have such beauty the people, so kind.
My canvas would be large; my pale would be bright,
I would paint the love in my heart, for my fellow man tonight.
I would paint a pretty ocean scene, with children about.
The trees would be swaying, the sun would be out.
I would show their laughter, while playing in the sand,
Working hard on their castles, ask for nothing in demand.
Their spontaneity they possess, is something to behold,
The love they have in their hearts never gets too old,
Their words can be so wise at times, in such an innocent way,
The truth they speak is different every day.
If I could paint the images on my mind,
I would have rainbows on display.
They would possess the colors I love, in a bright array.
I would show you God’s light, shining from above.
I would paint a picture of peace and feeling God’s love.
If we could be like children, and able to forgive,
To know we are all one, where we live,
To know that we become the person we all want to be
To live our life, with love and peace, and truly be free

Copyright ©Peg Jones 2006

Take some time today, to be as a child, would be in his glory, of playing and creating,   Feel the glee and motivation and joy of who you are. .   What are you creating?    What does that look like to you?  To find that core is who you are.


Just Be You…




















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Today’s Message of Love 9/21/2016

Dear Children,

We are your angels are here for you today.

The angels present for this message, are AA Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel

Today we have a message love to all who are listening. 

We thank Peg for sharing this message to you from us.

We are here to say that we are always here for you, in loving guidance and guiding gently, for when you ask. 

Today we want to speak of self-care, and self-love.   So many here on the earth plane, forget about the importance of understanding how to take care of yourself, so that you are living up to your potential, in all areas of your life.. We truly want to let you know that this is of most importance, for all of you. The Parents, the grandparents, those who work directly in helping others through jobs and volunteer work.  Taking care of  body mind and spirit and to understand this balance is so very important too.  Educating yourself on what that is for you in an individual journey.  For when we take care of our self, we can help others more efficiently.  When, you are refreshed and renewed and we feel good about who you are. So if you need a day to yourself then take that day… at a time that appropriate, for we certainly aren’t saying to drop all responsibility.  Be honest, and forthcoming.  There may be some sort compromise, esp. if home all week with young children, with your partner. OR it may be a time of being in nature,   to your favorite spot in nature  or it could be cleaning a closet or arranging the furniture… getting a massage, or pedicure or an energy session.. 

Eating well and knowing the foods that can be triggers, for other complications if any. Learning to eat in moderation, and to eat in a balanced way is also important.

Expanding your mind and understanding all that you are is a lifetime path… and listening to your heart, which is where your higher self is located and we are there too.   We see you as the pure light of that, all of you are, at all times. Your light shines brightly to all you speak to … The angels are helping to keep the light shining at all times.. 

When you call on us for guidance we are there for you and listen to your heart messages, of joy peace, and also ideas that suddenly come too that truly excite you …

Keep vigilant of how your idea or project can grow, as a seed of an idea has been planted. For you to nurture and grow.  Sometimes you have no idea how the idea can come to fruition.  Asking for guidance and to say to us your angels,

 “Please guide me to make this a reality, Dear Angels, Show me the resources, and people to speak to help this seed become like a fully bloomed flower. Thank you Dear Angels.

  Divine insight and ideas can very much, be like the life of a flower… from the planting of the idea- seed to the nurturing, and watching it grow to full bloom of beauty. 

You all here, at this time, have many divinely inspired ideas, let them grow, and you will know that if all works out, it is to be … And we might add, as we love to do. It may not be exactly as you had hoped, it could be even better, as it could a bit different but best for you … at a particular time….. 

You don’t know how much you are all loved, and how we love seeing the growth, the motivation, and creativity you are all so a part of at this time… Be proactive, and be who you truly want to be. When you know your strengths, then you can only forward in every way.

  Know the beauty of who you are in every way. The angels are here for you every day… You are like a caterpillar in a cocoon, or seed about to germinate, into to total beauty and joy and wisdom of who you are truly.

Your light is shining brighter each day, we your angels love you always/ You are all our bright light.