The message from the Universe for the month June 2014

By Peg Jones

The weather for you ,  is finally beginning to  settle down somewhat. The weather is getting warmer for those in the north in the USA after a long winter experience, for all who were living there.

We have a message for all for this new month coming up, June, 2014.   So many milestones for each of you , graduations , weddings, changes due to moving or changing job. Each of you making changes or watching changes of others around you.

Of course, besides the changes and transitions in your lives, and those in your life, there are many changes on the world platform too.  There more people waking up  and seeing  how spirituality plays in their  lives. And there are changes in the  awareness of people, on the financial front of national, worldwide and also personal levels. There has been more awareness of the food we eat and what we put into our bodies.  We are finding that we are becoming more aware in wanting to each more organic meat , fruits and vegetables..W e are seeing how  a lot of what you eat, is not for your higher good , and you keep track of what you are eating and drinking.

There is  more awareness of finding out the truth of who and what we are.. What our actual origin are consisted of.. And are we who we think we are?

Man is waking up to finding the TRUTH of all aspects of what a human being truly is.  Many are waking up the fact that they are not only a human being, we are spiritual beings in every way too.  We are waking up to the fact that we are capable of so much more that what we have told in the past and what  we can do to develop further on our path.

We are finding out, that there are different ways we can communicate with spirit, our guides, angels, loved ones, animal totems, and the elementals..  We are finding that we can pick who and when we want to communicate through one these channels or several at the same time.

We are finding the Universe is very kind and that it provides us what we truly need.  The quote that comes to me at this time

“God never gives us any more than we can handle.”

We are learning the concept of being grateful for all that we have in our lives on the earth plane.  That when we thank the universe for all that we have, that more is given to us, when we are truly grateful and when we start to do t he footwork for what we want to have help with from our guides or our angels .

Also we are finding that when we live with positive intent that our hopes, dreams and wishes truly will be manifested for us..

The best part of our new awareness, is that if we think it, it can happen for us.. For we are co- creators in every way, possible.


Love is at the heart of this new awareness, and that when we spread this love, the universe is very happy about that..  The universe then truly wants us to succeed, in what we came to earth for, and to live our life purpose, with hope and the confidence that all things are possible, when we have positive intent.

I hear constantly, don’t for get, no matter what we can do anything we want to do.  The final point I want discuss is know that, the universe loves, no matter what .And that we are worthy of this love and ability to help us to succeed in our new  corner of the journey of love.

The angels remind us how precious we are and how the universe are behind us in every way..

Don’t ever doubt our love dear child.

Thank you and have a wonderful day, today.


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