Message for Sunday May 19 th

Happy Sunday everyone! It is a beautiful day here in New England. The sun is shining brightly and very low wind too. There is chill at the moment but that will improve in the next hour or so. Today my message from my angels is that we need to enjoy the little things in life and to be grateful for these little things in our lives. I asked the angels what do you mean by the little things and they said, the kind smile your son or daughter gave to you this morning, or the fact that you had a wonderful mean last night with your friends or that the sun is shining this morning. There is so much really that you can be grateful for. To take notice of these little things really add up and you eventually see how good life truly is. I know i have to remember this for my self too many times… 
I thought i would share a message from my book for today too…..
May 19 
Let the angel whispers you hear today be a comfort to you. Let the angels know you need to hear them. Do not be afraid to ask them questions, for they are waiting for you to speak with them at any time.
Journal exercise: 
The angels are with you; what questions do you have for them today? Think about it and journal about it.
So if you have questions just ask your angels and see what they wihisper or say to you today. This message was taken from my book: Living in The Heart Place With Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughtout The Year The book will be coming out in the next few weeks and will be on Amazon.