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Angel Message for April

Angel message for April

The angels have been teaching me to be aware of my thinking and how it can get out of control. “Don’t believe everything that you are thinking about” is a quote I came across the other day, as I was going through my Face Book page. I thought about the quote and I realized this is so true. Just because you have thought it, doesn’t mean the thought is true. It could be the exact opposite of what is true. The constant self talk which is mostly negative are tapes that could have been played from our life as children or teens. At that time we may not have had the insight to change our thoughts and our self talk.

How do replace the negative talk of our past to positive self talk? I asked this question, to the angels today, because I wanted their input on this.

“So many people torture themselves with self talk that is critical and self demeaning. They talk to themselves in a way that can make the person almost paralyzed from forward movement of more positive talk toward themselves. We your angels want you to know that you can stop this type of self talk, so that you are able to become more loving toward yourself

The angels ask that we stop this talk as it does not serve us in any way at all. The main reason is because the self talk is just not true in anyway. In being kind to you, through positive self talk will help with this. No longer believing the negative talk can set you free and you can then move on to living a happier and more fulfilling life. The possibilities are endless, when we end our negative self talk. The self talk will change toward more loving to our selves. “Just because you thought it doesn’t mean its true” is something to think about. What thoughts go over in your mind endlessly? Are they true or did the thought come from someone else? How can you change the thoughts to positive self talk? Think about it and journal about new ways to change this.”