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Angelical Whispers Message for Today

The message from our angels this month is as follows:
Children, we your Angels are with each of you today. We need you to know that you are deeply loved by us. We will help you to feel this love, when you go within to your heart place. It’s important for you to know that this is where we live, deep within the core of your being. When you feel sadness or feel that you are lonely know that we here for you, dear child. Talk to us, your angels; tell us what is on your mind. Express to us your angels all that you are feeling at this time. By doing this, you will know or you will feel our presence. When you express to us, what it is that you need from us, then we will know of your needs and then make a plan of action for you to follow. Sometimes writing a letter to a specific angels helps and then writing what our response is helps too. This will help you to get the issue out into the open and it will help the angels to send an answer. Be open to what you are hearing, when writing the letter back from the angels.
Create a place in your home where you can speak to you angels. This place will need to be a place, where you will have complete quiet for when you are meditating with the angels. You might want to have a white candle and some things from the earth such as crystals, feathers, and maybe a statue of some of your favorite angels..Make this your special place where you can be with them and to hear their words of love and peace.