The horror of this incident in Newtown, Connecticut is shocking for all of us.  It a time of deep reflection and realizing what is most important to us all.. And that is, our children and the innocence of who they truly are.  They are our angels and they are the light that helps to make the world shine brightly.

Upon hearing about this horrific incident, of course. I became upset and incensed by all that had occurred.  Hearing those young children on TV, telling their story. You could sense the shock that these precious children were experiencing..  Hearing the young teacher talk on TV, about what happened, when she was locked in the bathroom with those children, really hit home for me.

I am a former Kindergarten teacher..  I can only imagine her horror, because she really wanted those children to be safe, along with herself to be safe.  She had to remain brave for her little charges. They all did such a good job remaining quiet there.

There are many hero’s in this story and now we have many angels.  The senseless act of a very ill young man has caused this. It saddens me that his only way of dealing with his life is to do such an act.

Last night as I was watching tv I found myself feeling very anxious. And I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way… And then I remembered I felt this way, in 1963, when I was in the third grade and a student at Huntington School, in Huntington, Ct, 20 miles from Newtown, CT, JFK had died that day.  In thinking about this I felt the same shock and the same sadness; I had at eight years old.

My tears are plenty and my sadness is great. It is for the children who were enjoying the best part of their life. And for the teachers, who were doing what they love doing the best, teaching little children.  And for the parents who will miss their little angels, not able to enjoy the holidays and the rest of their child’s milestones.  For the families and friends of all involved.  My heart goes out to all of you..

My prayer in all of this is that we ask our leaders to help us to keep our children safe at all times. I ask that we keep our children from all harm and to keep them safe at all times.  I ask that all teachers be kept safe at all times too.  They are all angels now and God has blessed them greatly.  Let’s honor them in our own special way. We can do this with a  prayer, a poem or somehow sending our sorrow, to those in Newtown, Ct, or in a card or post card.

As a teacher, this is very scary, and then I think of the children..  The little children, who want to be safe and to know they are being protected,.  My greatest prayer is that we can protect the children, who love us so. They trust us with their heart, for their light will be shining always.

I remember the years, I was living in Huntington, Ct, they were peaceful and beautiful years.  They were the years , I was going to elemetary school, the same as the children going to school at Sandy Hook Elemetary School.    I pray they all find the peace in the coming months  that they truly deserve..