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Six Ways You Can Share 12-21-12 with Your Children.


By Peg Jones


The newest rumor going around the schools this week is that the world is going to end in five days.  Kids have lots of questions about the end of the world, and some are very scared, of this happening.  So much has gone the past two weeks in our world, and the children need to know everything is going to be ok..

As parents and teachers, caregivers of children, we need to help children to not feel this gloom and help the child to think of the positive aspects of the day.  The media talks about it and books talk about the end is near, then there is their friend who think and talk about how the end is near too.  All of this talk is really taking a toll out of some kids.  There could be acting out, and there could be a lot of procrastination too. Not wanting to go to school, or doing their jobs around the home, not wanting to their homework, not eating correctly, and not feeling too motivated life in general.  It is pretty obvious how high the energies are these days.  People are finding it hard to cope in many ways. Our children pick this up from the adults and they are feeling the effects too.

After the horrific shooting in CT, last week, and the emotional effects this has had on everyone, we need to take the time to  hug our kids and give them big kisses and tell them we love them.  After some thinking about this and talking to others who have young children, I have come up with some ways to help children cope with the rumors and silly talk of 12/21/12, that   on the tv and the radio.

  1. The Mayan calendar is ending not the world.  The Mayans could not see beyond this date.  This was 26,000 years ago and that is a long time to see in the future, since most of us don’t see beyond 6 months at a time.
  2. We can tell our children that this is a day of great light and joy.  This is a day to plan all of the good things we would like to accomplish in the New Year. My suggestion is have some magazines and some scissors and glue and some cardboard.  Encourage them to make plans for the next year of what they would like to do and accomplish during that time.   They can make a dream board of all they want to do through writing on the board and cutting out pictures or drawing what they want to do for the year 2013
  3. Each child could make their own calendar for the next year, through coloring on the top for each month and they put in their activities they do for school and home.  The calendar can be a premade calendar that they can design for themselves.
  4. There could be a discussion of what we are grateful for. They can make posters and you can make up a list that encompasses everyone’s contribution to the grateful list.
  5. Make it a weekly or daily practice to talk about what each family member was grateful for.
  6. Random acts of kindness. Talk to your children or class about doing random acts of kindness.  Ask for examples of this.  Then give them three pieces of ribbon a yellow ribbon.  Ask them to think of three people, they would like to do a random act of kindness.   At the end of the day, they can talk about what did for random active of kindnesses to others during the day.


The fun thing about these activities, is that they cost very little money, except for the materials needed; and they may already may be somewhere in the house.  There will be needed time to get the calendars together, but the older kids can help with copying the blank calendars.


You can also talk about the placement of the earth now after this day of 12-21-12.   The earth has never been in this position before in the universe.  You can do research on the internet about this and then gear the understanding of the information according to age and development of your child.


Making this a day of wonderment and of going forward is what the children need to hear from the adults.  Spending the time with our children assuring them, they are safe is so important.    Adults can get so caught up in the dramas of their life that, many times it’s the children that get left behind.  Hug your child today, let him know of your love for him and help him to feel safe and secure by doing this.


These activities can be done with kids of all ages and adults too.   Make this time of togetherness, and joyful interaction.

Happy Holidays to all.







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Angelical Whispers, Angel Message for December1, 2012

Angelical Whispers, angel message for December 2012

I cannot believe it will be December of 2012 very soon. This year has gone by really fast. There have been a lot of interesting things happening this past year, for everyone living on the earth plane.  We have had times of great happiness and times that have brought much sadness or times being feeling worried.  We have explored times of great inspiration and times of feeling sad or angry.  When I ask the angels about this last year, this is what they say to me, about this.

Asking Archangel Raphael for healing and Archangel Michael for protection will help to heal the stress that you may be feeling at this time. Also giving your worries to the Universe is a way that we can surrender our will and letting the universe help you more.  As a human I know when I put my demands on the universe for things to happen on my time schedule, that that is when I meet with trouble.  I am dealing with my time clock and it is expected to happen at the time I want it to happen.   Now there is nothing wrong with our ego, as it is protecting us but sometimes it goes about protecting us in a roundabout way.  We seem to talk big out of our head and forget that the heart place is where we truly get heard from the universe.  The heart place is where your angels are and where you have your guides too, It is where you feel love not only for yourself but for everyone around you.. Its where you take notice of another’s pain or joy, happiness and gladness.  You make room for others in your heart.  And you make room for the most important person in your life and that is you.   You have no judgment in your heart and jealousy doesn’t exist there either.  The heart place is your direct connection to all in the universe.   There you will learn how the universe can help you.   You learn to let the universe show you the way on your path.

This year has shown me, that the universe is truly with us, even in time of illness and other issues that can occur.  Doing the footwork, and working with the universe is so crucial in helping us to find our heart place.  Our angels are around us and they respect us and will not interfere into our lives unless we ask them for help.  They work swiftly and not always how we expected a situation to be solved.  We can be given situations that are difficult only to learn that we have come out of the situation in a most positive manner.  I have found these situations help us to appreciate all that we have in our life and all who we have as family and friends in our life.  The angels have helped me to appreciate the big things and the little things in our lives.  The angels love us so much, and when we know this to be true, we start to see the many ways that they do care.  They remind us again to be aware of the synchronicities in our lives.  Each occurrence has a special meaning.  Living in our heart place we will begin to understand love and peace in our heart.  We will see the true meaning of life and the true meaning of love for ourselves and for others too.  Angel Blessings to all of you.  I wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful year in 2013.