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Angelical Whispers, angel Message for November 4, 2012

Angelical Whispers angel message for November 4, 2012. Dear Children, We wish you a Happy Sunday or whatever the day is in your part of world. We ask that you let the light shine today in your hearts and to be at peace with all that is. Yes there has been devastation in parts of the world and the clean up is being done as we speak. No doubt this will be difficult for many. With your prayers and sending healing to all devastated, they will surely help too. Helping in other ways is also fine too. The best way for all to help is to send your healing thoughts as a collective and letting your postive intentions be sent to those places where they are needed. The beacon of light that has been sent to these places is a wonderful thing for all those in the area. And the light that is sent there is felt by all in this area of the world. Let your light shine and let your spirit soar for we your angels are with you at all times. Angel Blessings to all and thank you for all you have done and for being you .