Angelical Whispers, Angel Message for November 25, 2012

Angelical Whispers, Angel Message for November 25, 2012

Dear Angels,

What message do you have for us today?  A lot Is happening on our earth plane, what can you tell us about how we can focus on all that is happening?

Dear Children,

Yes, it is true that there are a lot of things happening on the earth plane. The energies on the earth plane are very powerful and sometimes very overwhelming to many. The energies have caused many physical symptoms to many.  The energies have caused some emotional issues, symptoms that haven’t been felt before. We your angels are with you and we are protecting all on the earth plane. Be sure to take the utmost care for yourself on the levels of mind body and soul.   Make sure you get your sleep that is needed and that the food you eat is healthy and nourishing for you at all times.  Taking time for you in this busy world and with the holidays is important too.   The angels are guarding from harm and they are guarding your planet not too far above the earth plane.  You can call on us individually and you can call on us collectively.  Living in your heart place to helps you to feel the angels close by and keeping your sadness or fear to a minimum.  You see living in the heart place; you will only feel love and peace. You will see the fear and sadness dissipate.  Through meditation you will go to the heart place and the angels will help you to find this.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help from you angels.. They are there for you to help you with all that is happening.

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for November 21,2012


  Let peace comes to those who are feeling some inner turmoil at this.  Please understand that the energies at this time are very powerful all on the earth plane. This year every one feels the pull of the universe. We are behind one eclipse and another one is coming really soon on the 28th of November.   Hold on tight dear ones.  Hold on with all your might.   The angels are very close to the earth plane now. Helping those that are having a difficult time.  If you can try to help those that may need a word of encouragement, a kind word or they might need some specia prayers for themselves or loved ones.  Being respectful of all whom you come into contact withis a good way of spreading peace and kindness to all you see.  If there is a moment that seems difficult and you can hard bear at this particular moment,  try with all your might to think what you can truly be grate ful for    when u do this then realize how blessed you truly are…Enjoy who you spend with during your day and know all is fine…  Letting the universe know you are ok in your time of being so very grateful will help to ease the crazinenss.  The universe, our angels, guides and loved ones are with us always..  Reach out and know they are there for you . We leave u with this to ponder. Let the rainbows in the sky clear the tears of the pain so that you will see the sunshine that shines brightly in your heart of love.  Love Archangel Raphael.

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Angelical Whispers, Angel message for November 5, 2012

Angelical whispers, Angel message for November 5,  2012
The angels are asking each of us to take the time each day to think of what we are truly grateful for in our lives.   They have been telling me that we forget the little things that are truly a blessing in our lives.  It seems to me them that we get caught up in our lives and we focus what seems to be bringing us down in how we feel and think..   of course many may have had a tragic event in their life that was catastrophic but a positive to the situation could still be found…..Some times that is really difficult and to read  that we need to find the positive in the situation can really hit us the wrong way.  But if we look really hard we can find it … and when we do this we can find at least one thing to be greatful for…..The angels say when this practice is used we begin to do this automatically and our sense of being does change easier…So when you find this  happening and you feel that there is nothing to be grateful because look a little deeper…..deep into  your heart…… and ask the angels for help with this too…….  They will be there for you ….. will help you to find something positive……And then you will say of course,  gee never thought of that …..  I wish you all angel blessings today and always..

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Angelical Whispers, angel Message for November 4, 2012

Angelical Whispers angel message for November 4, 2012. Dear Children, We wish you a Happy Sunday or whatever the day is in your part of world. We ask that you let the light shine today in your hearts and to be at peace with all that is. Yes there has been devastation in parts of the world and the clean up is being done as we speak. No doubt this will be difficult for many. With your prayers and sending healing to all devastated, they will surely help too. Helping in other ways is also fine too. The best way for all to help is to send your healing thoughts as a collective and letting your postive intentions be sent to those places where they are needed. The beacon of light that has been sent to these places is a wonderful thing for all those in the area. And the light that is sent there is felt by all in this area of the world. Let your light shine and let your spirit soar for we your angels are with you at all times. Angel Blessings to all and thank you for all you have done and for being you .