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Angelical Whispers message for today February 7,2012

Angelical Whispers, message of the day.  February 7, 2012    Many angels are truly around us, helping us to walk on our path. We are so blessed they are so near.  They help us in all ways in which we ask them to help.  We receive so many different messages in so many different ways. It is a joy in learning to get to know the different signs they share with us that they are with us.  When we are in… the heart place we know the angels are there for us because that is where they live in the heartplace.. When we understand what and where the heartplace is we know that we are safe loved and feeling much clarity with ourselves.  The Angels are Gods messengers and they have a lot to say to us and they will guide us on our path when we ask them to helps us. Angel Blessings.© copyright 2008Peg and the Angels