Welcome to  Angelical Whispers with Peg Jones, ALC


The Angels have been very much apart of my journey, the past 15 years. They have helped to what my gifts truly are and how their guidance has truly helped to see my lfe  purpose in a totally different way.  They have assisted in guiding me, to look outside of the box, many times all of these past 15 yrs.

They have guided and shown me there are many different paths to enlightenment, especially when we are learning to live more in our heart. For the racing thoughts, which can be thought as an over protective ego, are not our true self or what our true purpose is. as we think it is.  It is part of who we are but not the whole picture.

The Angels have helped me to develop my gifts over the years, and my spiritual awareness on all levels, Body, mind and spirit. For me this has been a continual process. For now, I am remembering who I am, and the purpose of me.

It all started with saying yes to their guidance, many years ago. And it has definitely  been a roller coaster and many lessons along the way.  Thank you Angels, for helping to see I am worthy of your love, peace and joy.

As of April 27th, I have been certified as a Energy Transfer Practitioner(ETR). This certification enables me offer this healing and clearing, to anyone wanting to experience this.  I have more information on new pages, which can be accessed at this link   http://pegjonesetrhealing.com

You will be able to book private sessions, or remote sessions, or join our monthly ETR GROUP SESSION on Zoom.




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